Access to gathering locations and camps of the campaign in the holy sites, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah and move them when needed using maps.
– Know the services sites in the holy sites (train stations, toilets, health services)
– Know the number of its tent in the various holy sites and number of bus traveling with the campaign.
– See your schedule for the trip blessed according to the campaign plan.
– access to meals provided by the campaign, according to the schedule in the application dates.
– to inform the campaign in case of an emergency with his location on maps.
– to obtain a fatwa directly from the religious leader campaign.
– Add the accompanying (family members, for example) with a permit / visa to deal with the requests of guidance and expiation.
– Recording of chronic diseases has even be aware of the campaign on his state of health and emergency handling time.
– Other features

My Role: iOS and Android Development
Mohamed ElShorbagy worked in Back-End and Front-End development.

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