RBI – Microsoft Summer Academy

RBI-2 Team got the Best Team of The Internship Award.

Project Description:
1- Brief: “Revenue Based Incentive”
This software is for Managing and facilitating the evaluation of the sales department in the company.
The HR/Admin will be able to Add, Remove and edit the lists of the Team Members, It will also facilitate monitoring and assessing data based on performance.

2- Working Techniques and Methodologies:
• The project tasks were managed using the Agile set of principles and values. Work items were distributed using the Visual Studio Team Services client.
• The solution was coded using the Code First approach.
• The solution uses the 3 Tier architecture:
– Data Access Layer
– Business Layer
– presentation Layer.

• The code in the presentation Layer uses the MVC architecture.

3- Used technologies and packages:
• Entity Framework
• Expressive Annotations
• Newtonsoft Json
• Humanizer
• Chart.js
• Chosen.js
• Twitter TypeAhead
• Bootstrap
• JQuery

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